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The Power of Love - Maintaining a Strong Intimate Bond - September 10, 2020, 8:00pm-9:00pm + Q&A

In this workshop, we will explore the science behind love, and how healthy romantic relationships protect us from life’s challenges and supports overall wellness. We will identify what your individual love language is, based on Dr. Gary Chapman’s work then we will define what each of the five Love Languages are, and how to speak them so your partner, children, and teens will hear you.

Health Canada - Healthy Home Session - September 17, 2020, 8:00pm-9:00pm + Q&A

This seminar will explore environmental health in the home and how you can reduce the risk of harmful chemicals.  This session is intended for vulnerable populations (children, pregnant women, Aboriginal Peoples, seniors and people with specific medical conditions) and people who work directly with vulnerable populations. The topics covered include mould, lead, radon, cleaning products, air quality, how to be your own risk manager and more.  

Triple P Discussion Group: Dealing with Disobedience - September 29, 2020, 7:45pm-9:45pm

Discuss some reasons why children don’t do as they’re told. Develop a personal parenting plan to help deal with disobedience. Enrollment is limited to 15 people.


Triple P Discussion Group: Managing Fighting and Aggression - October 13, 2020, 7:45pm-9:45pm

Covers skills children need to be able to cooperate and get along with others, manage those times when children fight, become aggressive or destructive. Enrollment is limited to 15 people.

Emotion Coaching - October 27, 2020, 7:45pm-9:45pm

This workshop looks at 4 different parenting styles and ways we can support young children to understand and express their emotions (frustration, sadness, fear, excitement, tantrums, anger). Enrollment is limited to 15 people.


Online workshops are offered through Zoom, once a week, in the evenings. 

Everybody is welcome to participate!


More workshops are coming!

   FCSS Edmonton, who we receive the funding from to provide our support programs and services, continues to require us to collect data regarding the outcomes of our programs.We would really appreciate your support by providing your feedback, for us to be able to report to FCSS, and to ensure we are able to continue our programming. After you participate in a workshop, please click on the posted link to complete a small survey
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