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Our Team

Our Kitchen


City West cares a great deal about the health and nutrition of our children, this is why we have our own Certified Cook who prepares fresh meals and snacks every day for the children and staff. 


Our menu is created and reviewed by a Registered Dietitian in order to keep recipes up-to-date with the most current health standards.

Not all Superheros have capes,

some have Early Childhood Degrees

City West is unique in that the majority of our staff have been with us

for 5 years or longer, and some as long as 20 years. 

Of our 21 Educators, 19 are certified as Child Development Supervisors

(formerly Level 3). This is the highest level of certification in the

Early Learning & Child Care field. 



The Executive Director (ED) oversees all operations and programs of City West Childcare and Community Support Society; including child care services, family resource programming, and all business operations. One of the main goals for the ED is to lead a team that carries out the society’s mission, vision, and operational strategic goals through their day to day work. The ED implements and ensures compliance with: the Municipal legislation (Child Care Licensing Act, and Child Care Licensing Regulation), policies and procedures of the society, and re-accreditation process (Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services).



The Program Director (PD) reports to the Executive Director (ED). The PD position will primarily work with the ED regarding the overall program management at City West which promotes the guiding and instructing of children, from infancy to preschool age, in a variety of educational subjects and life skills while nurturing developmental and cognitive skills. The PD assumes ED's responsibilities in the Director's absence and assists in providing leadership to staff and families of City West and manage the efficiency and effectiveness of the daily operations of the organization.


An Early Childhood Educator (ECE) provides programming within a learn-through-play environment that meets children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs, while also fostering positive growth and development of the individual child in a group setting. In addition, the ECE fosters cooperative social behaviour through games and group activities to assist children in forming satisfying relationships with other children and adults. She/he instructs children in practices of personal cleanliness and self-care and discusses concerns and progress with parents to ensure communication about children's development.  



The Cook reports to the ED. The Cook is responsible for coordinating, supervising, and directing all aspects of kitchen operations at City West while maintaining nutritious, high quality menu options and service levels. The Cook supervises all kitchen staff and food inventory, while creating and preparing all menu items in an efficient manner. All preparation of meals adheres to the sanitary and safe food handling guidelines at all times. The Cook provides consistent and nutritional food preparation following Canada’s Food Guide and oversees all kitchen operations in accordance with business demands.


The Kitchen Assistant (KA) reports to the Cook/Nutritional Educator. The KA is responsible for assisting in the healthy preparation and service of meals for the children at City West. The K/A is also responsible for assisting and maintaining appropriate inventory and supply levels, and adheres to all sanitary and safe food handling guidelines at all times.



Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Family Support Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the planning, developing, implementing, coordinating and evaluating the delivery of the programs and services as set out by Family & Community Support Services (FCSS).   Providing support in both group settings and on an individual basis, the Family Support Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that City West achieves the following common outcomes: participants increase their network of social support, feel supported, improved family functioning, facilitate positive relationships, as well as staying current with research in the field of Early Childhood Development.


The Board of Directors is the legal authority for the City West Childcare and Community Support Society. As a member of the Board, a director acts in a position of trust and is responsible to the membership for the effective governance of the Society according to its By-laws and policies. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering for the board via email to:

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