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The Objectives of City West can only be achieved with the help and support of community members and volunteers. Volunteers are viewed as a valuable resource to the centre, its staff and its clients. We seek to provide quality volunteer experiences for individuals who volunteer with City West, as well as recognition for work done. In return, volunteers shall agree to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. As a non-profit society we rely on the contributions of families to provide a high quality program. Our Community Support program contributes so much to the community, and we could not run this program without our volunteers. Further, childcare fees only cover a portion of the cost of operating the childcare program. To cover the remaining costs we rely on volunteers, grant funding and fundraisers.


All families who have children enrolled in City West Childcare are required to complete 10 hours of volunteer service per calendar year (or 1 hour per month if not enrolled for the entire year).  Volunteer opportunities include helping with our fundraisers (e.g. silent auctions, craft sales, etc.), at the centre (e.g. cleaning cubbies and toys), with community support activities (e.g. helping at an event, setting up for a parenting workshop), in governance (e.g. as a board or committee member), or often with any special skills that would benefit the Society.  In addition to this, families will be required to work one casino volunteer shift every two years. As a volunteer, if you have questions or ideas about your duties or the program, please discuss it with the Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Director.


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