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Support CWC!

Donate to City West


United Way!

Go to the United Way website by clicking on the link below or the icon above.

After you have gone to the United Way website, click on the word "Donate."

After you have gone to the site, clicked on "Donate", then click on "Continue," and you will come to the page where you can enter your donation amount.

Next,, use the drop down bar to select the payment type. 

Once your payment has been processed you can click on "Additional Giving Options."

6. Search

Type into the SEARCH bar "City West Childcare & Community Support Society,"

then click on the name and then click 'continue'. 


Type in the Charitable Business Number 10819 9233

You will receive a Charitable Tax Receipt.


Thank you!


THANK YOU so much for your donation!

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Purdy's Chocolatier Fundraiser 

City West runs their Purdy's Chocolate Fundraiser twice a year, once around Christmas and a second one around Easter.

Thank You for all of your support with this fundraiser!

Mabels Labels 

 When your little one goes to daycare, make sure all their little things come back home again with our daycare labels! Our cute labels and tags are personalized, available in a selection of fun colours and icons, UV resistant, waterproof and 100% guaranteed. 


 City West runs their Mabel's Labels fundraiser all year round. 

To order personalized labels for your child's items, please click on the link

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