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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a governing body that develops policies, makes informed decisions and maintains an overview of the Society’s operations on behalf of the general membership.


The Board of Directors will:

1.    Determine board membership at the annual general meeting, according to the Society's By-Laws.

2.    Define the responsibilities of the Executive Director and board members

3.    Establish policies and procedures that reflect the goals and objectives of the Society and its programs and meet legal requirements.

4.    Elect officers including a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary at the first board meeting after the annual general meeting according to the Society’s By-Laws.

5.    Establish standing committees that meet regularly to carry out specific tasks and report regularly to the Board of Directors.

6.    Establish ad hoc committees to carry out short term objectives.

7.    Recruit and provide orientation for new board members each year.

8.    Update the Board Handbook after each board meeting as new policies are approved and changes in legislation and government policy are received.

9.    Organize an annual general meeting that is attended by members, program participants and employees.

10.    Schedule and attend board meet­ings on a regular basis.

11.    Ensure agendas and meeting schedules are properly prepared and distributed in advance.

12.    Implement appropriate meeting procedures for making decisions.

13.    Approve prepared minutes.

14.    Establish an annual cycle of activities.

15.    Develop an annual calendar of critical dates and events each year for new board members.

16.    Ensure the financial viability of the Society.

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