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Our Philosophy

We believe that children learn about themselves and their world by exploring and playing with other children and adults.

We plan learning experiences to engage the mind, spirit and body of the children in our care and give them the foundation they need to be lifelong learners. Childcare staff guide children, share their expertise and document children's development and learning. Parents are our partners. We want to create a sense of community for our families so we can extend children's learning between the home and our Centre. 

We invite you to become involved in City West Childcare & Community Support Society. We encourage you to visit and become involved. The home-childcare partnership is strengthened by your involvement, and there is a spirit of cooperation and progress at our Centre that we would like to share with you.


There will be many activities throughout the year that will give you the opportunity to become involved in your child's early learning and care environment. We encourage you to make these activities a part of your schedule. We realize that not all parents or guardians can attend all functions, but we encourage you to participate in as many activities as possible.


Pleas feel free to ask questions about anything that concerns you. We look forward to working together as partners in learning.


Board of Directors

City West Childcare & Community Support Society  

50 Years of

Childcare Excellence!

City West Childcare & Community Support Society has successfully been providing quality childcare in Edmonton since 1970 and we look forward to meeting the childcare requirements of families for years to come. 

Our mission is to provide quality childcare to children and support for our families in the west end of Edmonton.

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