About Us

Unpack N' Play is a free, registered, structured program that provides parent-child interactive activities for parents and children, such as: circle time, story time, craft time, singing, dancing, play time, one-on-one reading with parents, parachute activities, and more! This program is designed:

  • for parents and children to participate together in each activity,

  • to equip parents with valuable resources,

  • for the children to learn important skills,

  • to bring families together,

  • the idea is for the whole family to benefit from this program.

The recommended age for this program is from 18 months - 5 years, but younger siblings (0-18mon) are welcome.

We begin each session with collecting information on the specific needs of each group. Parents will receive handouts that will cover topics regarding child development, behaviour management, positive parenting and topics requested by parents in order to help support their family and parenting needs.


This interactive play program is focused around bringing parents together to learn, support and share with each other. 


Learn and play with your child while strengthening the parent/child bond. 

The last class of each session is a field trip.  

Each year has 3 sessions:​

WINTER Session runs from January - March

SPRING Session runs from April - July 

FALL Session runs from September - December ​

Schedule Spring 2022.jpg
Spring registration start date
      March 30, 2022


We are happy to continue to provide individual packages to registered families. These packages include: craft supplies, activity supplies, handouts and additional resources. They are needed to participate in the program and can be picked up at City West (9915 148 St) prior to the sessions. 

A sample of the individual package (Fall 2020)



Thank you for your interest in Unpack N' Play! There are many families who would like to participate in the program. In an effort to keep the registration process fair and to reach as many families as possible, our registration is as follows:​

1. This program is intended for children and their immediate family. It is not intended for day home providers and nannies.​

2. Enrollment is managed on a first come, first served basis. ​

3. Priority is given to families who are new to the program, identify themselves as immigrant/external migrants, indigenous, single parents, and families who demonstrate how they could benefit from the program. ​

4. Returning families are still welcome and encouraged to register, however their spots are space dependent.​

5. Once a date has been announced, registration will open at 9:00AM SHARP (registration button will be activated in advance). Please make sure you register online at or after 9:00AM. Registration forms submitted prior to the start date and time will be ineligible (will not be accepted).​

6. Prior to submitting a registration form, please read Operational Measures Ground Rules and make sure you would be able to follow them.​

7. When submitting a registration form please make sure you provide all necessary and accurate information (including ALL children attending). Otherwise, your registration form will not be processed and you will be asked to re-submit your registration form. ​

8. Submitting more than one registration form is prohibited.​

9. Abuse of the registration process will result in forfeiture of your spot and registration in any future Unpack N' Play sessions.

Confirmation of enrollment/status of your registration will be provided via email. As there is usually a large number of emails and registration forms that we receive at this time, it might take some time before you hear back. Please note, patience is greatly appreciated, and sending multiple emails will not speed up the process. ​Thank you!

By proceeding to register you confirm that you have read and agree to the above terms and conditions




"Unpack N' Play was a wonderful opportunity for my children and I to be altogether in an excellent program. My family definitely grew closer together as a result of being in the program. My children and I looked forward to attending the class each week.
I have learned so much from being in the program. It has given me more confidence as a mom. I love learning new songs, games, crafts and experiences that I can use right away with my children at home. Unpack N' Play has given me so many more ideas to do with my children. Being in the program has been a great way to connect with other families with young children. I have been able to meet some other moms and my children have been able to socialize and meet other children that are similar ages to them.
My family has learned so much from the program. It has been so valuable to our family. Our family has felt very isolated over the last year because of all the COVID restrictions. Being a part of Unpack N' Play has brought our family closer together during a very difficult time in our world. Having the class each week gave us something to look forward to! I will be forever grateful for being a part of this program during COVID."

"I have felt supported in being able to have a weekly activity to connect and educate my children at an age appropriate level. It is hard sometimes as a parent to know how to source activities that are developmentally appropriate and then take the time to make all of the preparations.
I have also appreciated the parent material we get with our supplies. I often refer to these reference sheets and use them as a starting point to do more research if I am struggling with a behaviour (e.g. sibling rivarly, going to bed)."

"During the pandemic it has been especially difficult for my 3 year old daughter to make and maintain friendships. This program has made her feel like she is a part of something and has given her the opportunity to make friends."

"With all the COVID restrictions over the past year my son has not been able to socialize around other children very much. He is very shy and always wants to stay with me. Being in Unpack N' Play gave him the opportunity to be around other children and learn to listen to a teacher. I loved watching him gain more confidence in being around new people and new situations. Thank you for providing a safe place for him to learn new social skills that will be so valuable for him as he grows."

"We love Unpack and Play. It's been such an amazing program to my children and they have developed so many important skills. It's been good to have this program available during the pandemic so that we can all reach out to each other and have that communication and support with other parents, children and our instructor."